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Our Practitioners

at BE Wellness Center

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Dr. Pam Simms

Dr. Pam is a licensed Psychologist who specializes in Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Tourette's Disorder, Sport Performance, Energy Psychology and Energy Healing. After specializing in OCD for more than 15 years, she recently launched her virtual OCD Skills Training Program. In addition, her experience as a competitive athlete and her strong interest in sport performance has lead to her working closely with individual athletes and athletic teams. Most recently, she became certified in Biofield Tuning® and QHHT® in order to provide more profound healing of the mind~body~spirit.

NOW AVAILABLE!  Kailania Energy Healing Children's Book Series Written by Dr. Pam

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Natalie Simms

Natalie is a Life Coach and Certified Sound Healing Practitioner. She received her Master of Education in Counseling from Boston University with a concentration in Sport Psychology. In addition, she is certified in Level 1 Foundations of Integral Sound Healing with multiple instruments (Sound Healing Academy) and currently working toward her Level 2 Diploma (Sound Healing Academy). Natalie emphasizes the client-practitioner relationship with unconditional positive regard and respect for the individual with whom she works. She advocates for a holistic approach to well-being, exploring mind, body, soul and spirit, in order to assist her clients in achieving their full potential and greater balance. Guided by intuition, modern science, and ancient wisdom, Natalie utilizes various instruments in her sound healing sessions. Instruments include Tibetan singing bowls, the voice, crystal bowls, tuning forks, gongs, drums, chimes, shakers, the monochord, and more. She makes use of the vibrations and sound waves produced by these instruments to promote relaxation and facilitate healing.

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