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Individual sessions

If you prefer personalized attention or require a bit more privacy, we're delighted to provide individual sessions tailored just for you. We offer a variety of different types of sessions which are listed below for your convenience.


Our psychotherapy services offer a safe holding environment for individuals to explore their authentic self and life’s purpose while obtaining skills and techniques that reduce symptoms of anxiety, depression, trauma, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Tourette’s Disorder. Our psychotherapy services also include Life Coaching, Sport Performance Enhancement and are offered to those attending the OCD Skills Training Program. We would be honored to assist along your journey of self-growth and joy. In-person and virtual sessions available.

Life Coaching

BE Wellness Life Coaching is a nonjudgmental, supportive process that guides clients to tap into their intuition and strengths for enhanced clarity about different aspects of their life. The client empowers themselves to make the best decisions to live an authentic and fulfilling life with purpose.

Biofield Tuning

Biofield Tuning is a vibrational sound therapy. The certified practitioner intuitively uses tuning fork frequencies to identify and correct distortions of energy within the biomagnetic field of the body. This assists the body to autocorrect its electrical system to its natural energy flow providing the opportunity for the body to experience less stress, anxiety, depression, physical pain and/or symptoms of trauma. Join us for this subtle energy healing experience. In-person and virtual sessions available.

Sound Healing

Sound Healing uses the sounds and vibrations of multiple instruments to foster optimal self-healing and balance within the mind, body and spirit. Our Sound Healing practitioner uses intuition, ancient wisdom and modern science to facilitate healing in a calm and nonjudgemental environment. Each session is unique to the multidimensional well-being of the individual and all areas of the energy field (mind, body and spirit) are balanced.

Quantum Healing QHHT

QHHT is a hypnosis technique lead by a certified practitioner who  holds space for the client while guiding them to a somnambulistic level (the relaxed state right before you fall asleep) that allows the client to connect with their Higher Self. During this connection, the client receives clarity regarding their present life and the relevance of past lives that come forward, as well as mind and body healing.  This is a beautiful experience that often provides clarity to one’s life lessons and purpose. If this resonates with you, we would love to facilitate your session. In-person sessions only.

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